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It’s all about me….

I am a writer with far too many ideas buzzing around in my head and needed an outlet hence the reason for this blog.

I have a keen interest in helping others and wanted to write something that not only helps me deal with my own well being but just maybe give other people something to help them, laugh at or relate to, with maybe a movie quote or two thrown in.

I cant promise a regular blog but i certainly hope to given the things that get cooked up in this delightful wonderland of imagination.

so enjoy it.


Sometime i will write things that surround my own mental health and the creative funny way i make it through a day. Other times i might write fantasy related things it really depends on what comes to me first and on occasion I may throw in a sketch for visual effect. Don't be afraid dear readers i promise to keep you safe and have you home by midnight (ish)

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