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Behind the door

Lorcan stood both hands bracing himself on the door as he panted, his mind raced with an internal battle she couldn’t be here not now but then he did owe her. The halfling cried out in frustration banging his fist on the door, slowly he opened the door.

“Nadora my dear how lovely to see you, but I’m afraid now isn’t a good time”

“I don’t really care if it is or not, we need shelter”

“You should try an inn”

“Lorcan….” Nadora tried to enter the house but there was a flash of light and she fell to the ground

“Nadora” Aidene rushed to her side shaking her

“she’s alright just knocked out”

“what did you do to her troll”

“hey there is no need for name callin…… I told her it wasn’t a good time for visitors”

Aidene stood up her fists clenched as she walked towards the halfling

“ah now think about it, your sister wasn’t invited in and neither are you”

“Lorcan was it?”

“well yeah” said the halfling

“my name is Aidene and Nadora is my sister, she saved me a few days ago and brought me here for reasons I don’t know but we need your help……. Please”

The halfling sighed puffing up his cheeks scanning the horizon wildly

“aaahh, alright then come in before the king’s men appear on patrol” he clicked his fingers as a slight shimmer filled the surrounding air pulsing out towards Aidene and with a flash of pale silvery light, two men appeared next to Nadora. They were dressed in black tuxedos and bowed to Aidene before carefully lifting Nadora

“don’t worry Aidene… I just need a little help mi only small after all.”

She gave a weak smile and followed them inside, Aidene blinked her way into the well-lit corridor with wooden walls and the wooden floor creaked beneath her feet. The hallway was covered in round doors, the ceiling was unusually high for a halfling.

“sir…. where should we put the lady?”

“ah well there is a thought”

“surely you have a spare room here”

“now I wasn’t expecting visitors and when I created this house, I didn’t put any in…. in any case best put her in my room I can give that up I suppose”

“thank you” Aidene said with a curtsy

“well follow me I suppose you are hungry” he led her down the winding corridors, until Aidene heard a voice calling

“I thought you didn’t have visitors?”

“well he is more a companion than visitor really”

“alright just no more surprises”

As they entered through the round door at the end of the hall, there was a blast of cold air and it took a minute for Aidene’s eyes to adjust to the dull lighting. When they did, she noticed that there were more of the tall silvery men in tuxedos bustling around with serving plates. Then Aidene’s followed one of them to the source of the voice, sitting on the other side of the room was a figure, their skin looked rough and whiter than the springs snow drops. Aidene was frozen to the spot in shock as she gazed upon his face…. the face of a dragon and yet his eyes held a softness to them, he stood up his face stern.

“Lorcan, how could you bring her here?”

“huh” the halfling was confused

“she is the king’s daughter”

The halfling jumped back shocked “wait what”

“get away from her”

“no please…… I can explain”

“it’s true? That little rat I should kill her in her sleep”

“I’m not asleep anymore Lorcan”

The sound of Nadora’s voice behind him caused the halfling to scream out as he jumped forward.

“don’t bloody do that”

“a rat, am I? Let’s not forget that if it wasn’t for me you would have been in the belly of one long ago”

The stranger had began walking towards Aidene his eyes glowing a bright blue

“not so fast” Nadora steeped between him and her sister with a knife drawn

“don’t think I won’t hurt you” he paused for a moment taking her in “you are twins? Twice the satisfaction since I can’t get your father now”

“he is not my father or hers, he is a disease on this world”

“well at least we can agree on something but I’m afraid you could be telling me lies”

He lifted his hand as the air grew colder around them

“hhh hmmm, may I remind you that violence is not permitted and if you do, we could all be in trouble…. Just once I wish I could use this place for 48 hours and nothing bad happen. Look if you like why don’t we sit down and talk this through if tomorrow you still aren’t convinced then….”

The halfling made an explosion gesture with his hands before sitting at the table as the servants brought the first course.

“I hope you all like rabbit stew”

Aidene screwed her face in disgust

“listen princess it’s all there is out here on short notice”

“what about deer they are plentiful at this time of year”

“well you feel free to go catch some, in the meantime it’s this or you go hungry”

“thanks” as she turned to sit down Nadora was already stuffing the food down her throat without chewing.

“hmmmn nmmdph ggggdddd”

“see, your sister likes it”

“enough of this, you better get to explaining yourselves” the figure leaned against the wall with his arms crossed scowling at the girls.

“it’s a little dry Lorcan….. a little like the company you keep, clearly hasn’t been around females much”

The halfling snorted in laughter “he hasn…. that is very rude of you dear and she didn’t mean it”

“what is your name” Aidene’s voice was shaky

“why don’t you tell me what I want to know, and I will decide if I am to give that information or not”

“our parents were artist who travelled the lands painting the world, around 25 years ago they got into a little trouble and a group of travelling druids helped them eventually they were invited to live within their community…. when we were young enough to be persuaded of other things the druids had left the village and we were left behind, that’s when the king came looking for them only he found us… as I lay asleep in my bed they came, took my sister and mother but not before killing my father, several hours later I awoke to find him and since then I have grew in strength learning combat and the ways of the wild. On the eve of my 16th birthday the druids came to me and told me that my sister was alive enslaved by the king and that my mother had fought back and lost her life for it…. I knew I had to do something.

“Nadora…. I am so sorry” tears ran down Aidene’s cheeks

“it seems you have just as much reason for wanting the king dead as I do”

“geez I don’t think I have enough wine in the pantry to lift the mood in this room” said Lorcan as he slowly chewed a piece of bread.

“what reason do you have for wishing it” asked Nadora

The stranger opened his mouth to speak, but it was Aidene who spoke first

“he killed your mother and the man who care for you, then you killed his men” her eyes were wide as she spoke “I know who you are…… Targa”

The dragonborn bowed his head to her

“I never really believed the stories they told of you; I mean how could they be true”

“wait what stories?” Nadora was suddenly on edge

“well I am a descendant of the old king cursed or blessed with the power of the dragons, so you decide.”

“they say he destroyed a whole village after the king killed everyone”

“well good for you I say” Nadora was smiling at him “this could be the start of a beautiful partnership”

“partnership? Oh no he is not going near the city nope not a chance… silly girl” Lorcan became panicked

“Loran… don’t you long to perform in front of people and not be hunted for what you are?” Targa could be persuasive when he wanted to be

“you are all crazy…. But I could use some new material for my act”

“I am curious… how you met my sister”

“oh, that is a tale for another day”

“Lorcan…. you know none of us will sleep tonight” said Targa

“Lorcan is right its not the time” said Nadora

“this must be good…. I think there was some sort of love affair going on” said Aidene

“ppfft please”

“yeah she’s not my type”

“hmm” Aidene looked at him with a sly grin

“fine…… a few years ago I was working a bar like I always did when your sister who was under the influence of wine approached me and kissed….”

“LORCAN, I swear you better tell the truth with this”

“tut, alright… fine… I was under the influence and I tried to kiss her, only she punched me in the face”

Targa sniggered

“Gee thanks pal, anyway nothing keeps this guy down and I moved onto other ladies in the bar and you wouldn’t believe it no luck with any of them, they just didn’t know what they were missing…”

Nadora coughed and Lorcan scowled at her

“anyway, I kept at it, and just before closing time there she was standing by herself by the bar, tall slender her body encased in the most seductive dress imaginable her breasts….”

“Lorcan… focus please”

“yes dear… anyway I knew a guy like me would never get a girl like that, but nothing ventured nothing gained and at closing time she asked me back to her place.”

“why do I get a bad feeling about this?” Targa was smirking

“because he is an idiot” said Nadora

“alright Naddie you take it from here since you enjoy it so”

She scowled “alright. I was in town on a hunt several villagers had vanished over the course of a few months and they all had one thing in common they all went to the same bar the night before they disappeared, and the same female was described in each one. So, I tracked her down and I watched her, but it was like she knew… until Lorcan, that night she took him back to her house and he never left. The next morning, I sneaked into the house and found this idiot in the basement chained up with two puncture wounds in his neck. Yip she was a vampire and was keeping him alive to feed off for a while, so I began to search the house and eventually I found her and drove a stake through her and took Lorcan to safety. I never thought I would see him after that, but I became his muse for a while providing him with stories, he could make songs about….”

“until one day I woke up and she was gone from this house, no note or explanation just gone and now she comes here saying I owe her” Lorcan retorted

“in a way you kind of do, she saved you and you used her” said Aidene

“hey, don’t change the subject”

“I am sorry Lorcan dear”

The halflings face grew red as he fidgeted

“well… I suppose it is alright…. No harm done really”

“we should rest we can discuss more tomorrow what we plan to do” Targa said, and he left the room

“yes, well that is an idea…. Good night ladies Nadora you know where the room is for you and your sister” when he was safely out of the room, he slapped his face and muttered under his breathe

“like her, do you?” Targa sniggered

“oh, shut up you”


Sometime i will write things that surround my own mental health and the creative funny way i make it through a day. Other times i might write fantasy related things it really depends on what comes to me first and on occasion I may throw in a sketch for visual effect. Don't be afraid dear readers i promise to keep you safe and have you home by midnight (ish)

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