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I’m still the same gal…… but with power

Oh, hey there dear readers let me just stop my dancing around and turn down the music inside my head,

Ahh that’s better how are you all?

Me? Well I had quite the week, those swirling clouds made threat of return this week with the wicked witch of the West flying around on her broom, but here is the key I like Dorothy survived it 😊 and here is the kicker you can too.

I attended a seminar a few weeks back and learned so much from it and oh the thinking it was said at this event that one of the worst things we can do when offering help to others is continue to repeat that we are there is they need us… I know, I know we are only trying to help but hear me out you see the speaker pointed out that we should say it and then leave it there and not continue to say it which got me thinking about my own struggles and there it was I am more receptive and open when I’m not pushed into it and I hadn’t noticed before I myself will only ever offer my ear to someone once and then not revisit it, when I asked the speaker about this they said my subconscious was at work because I know what it’s like it stops me from putting others through it…. I am a superhero and I left the seminar completely inspired, so much so I signed up for another course which I’m due to take eeekk my anxiety is already setting in…. but because of that first course I am able to karate chop that anxiety like Daniel the Karate Kid.

You’re not good enough…… wax on blocked it

You can’t do anything right……. Wax off blocked it again

People don’t really like you…. wax on HA

You haven’t achieved anything…… wax off HAHAHA

But every once in a while, you are sure to miss and it sadly it can happen at the start of your week and lower your mood for the week.

I didn’t even see it coming…. I should have but I didn’t the clouds were dark and swirling from that wind and there she was the wicked witch of the West with her negative words…. and there it was the anger brewing inside like the dying star that created Thor’s hammer…. Nonsense? The speaker now looks like Roz from monsters inc (if you don’t know who that is geez please refer to exhibit A and watch the movie soon ok?)

Don’t panic I didn’t use fairy magic or witches brew or did I? haha no its only in my head and it’s a coping mechanism, but the encounter did cause me to look at the people around me a little different. You see the nonsense comment was about mental health I KNOW…. But because I am becoming a master of my feelings, I remembered something I am a superhero and so are you.

Stick with me here it gets exciting…. we are what we think

It’s true, I’ve given mental health talks to a group of strangers completely terrified the whole way through it, but I am an athlete I don’t look like one…. STOP see there was that negative thought creeping in so let me give you a piece of advice on these

Close your eyes and imagine that your looking up into your head aww look at all those pretty coloured orbs of memories (yes it is a movie reference and its Inside out) keep looking for that little negative thought that’s bugging you scowl at it if you must, before the bad feelings for the thought set in but in and say




Really commit to it


Internally scream


Open your eyes take a deep breath and close then close your eyes again and look for the thought…. Hopefully you’ve scared it away or at least its volume is turned down a little.

Now where was I…. oh yes athlete, so I have been reading a whole lot and one thing that appears a lot is the visualisation technique…. The easiest explanation is see it, think it, believe it become it. One of the best pieces of advice I heard before starting my talks was before you even start visualising that you have already finished, and you did great… you see your entering into the task already in a winning mindset 😊

Anxiety has this horrible way of taking over our lives if we let it, oh I can’t go out with my friends they don’t really like me…. STOP, I’m not capable of doing a piece of work I don’t think like them…. STOP you are a superhero. It is through my week of horrible encounters that I realised this, I’m tired of being told I’m too sensitive when it comes to feelings…. Psst I’m not, anxiety can be crippling and it focuses too much on the future but it gives you a little something in return… suffering from anxiety with your heightened emotional state helps you pick up on atmospheres and I’m not talking the little protective layer around the earth. I’m talking about when you walk into a room and you sense there is something wrong just by the way someone looks or the tone of their voice so I am what I think… rather and focus on the crippling fear it gives me I think well if I can pick up on that when no one else does I must be a super hero the trouble is when it starts to affect you, so lets try another little technique I try.

Close your eyes and look for the thought, Ok next to your thought put a dial next to it…… ahh it is so loud does that say 10?  Really focus on this turn down the volume 9, breathe do it again 8, and again 7, once more 6, with feeling 5, oh getting better 4, focus 3, almost there 2, breathe 1, and again mute it. Breathe in and say it with me ah.

I haven’t perfected these techniques yet, but I practice them every day and with all things practice makes perfect and I am all for building that emotional resilience tool kit and trying different methods and my journey is still in the early stages and on my tough days its like the yellow brick road is a treadmill and the emerald city is in the background and despite me running at full capacity -which isn’t much by the way….. oh, I’m not being hard on myself its fact I haven’t been running in a while- I’m still not getting anywhere.  One day I will reach the top of that mountain and I can’t wait for the view from the top.

Happy Monday guys, remember the bad times are just moments they are not who you are and you will learn and grow because of them and if you need an ear well you know….


Sometime i will write things that surround my own mental health and the creative funny way i make it through a day. Other times i might write fantasy related things it really depends on what comes to me first and on occasion I may throw in a sketch for visual effect. Don't be afraid dear readers i promise to keep you safe and have you home by midnight (ish)

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