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Meetings and greetings

“Ravana, RAVANA….”

The dwarf lay on the cold damp floor, ringing filled her ears as through blurry eyes she looked for the source of the calling. The taste of iron filled her mouth and a wet trickle made its way down from her forehead, a shadow lingered over a body lying near water. Ravana called out the creature turning sharply and began lurking towards the dwarf, she pulled herself backwards towards the warmth of the fire shaking her head to try and clear it.

“Galurak…. A little help here”

“be there in a second I’m a bit busy doll”

“Nereida… help me…. Nereida??”

At the water’s edge the half elf Nereida stirred at the sound of her name as a voice filled her head,

“go to the water child…quickly I can save you”

She pulled herself too far and hard landing directly into the water, the ice cold seeping through her clothes, water rushing into her mouth filling her lungs and just as she was about to go unconscious her eyes flicked open her feet finding the bed and kicking off.

A groan of pain caused Ravana to take her eyes off her stalker to see Galurak laying on the floor still, as she tried to get up to crawl to him, she felt sharp claws dig into her ankle. With her free leg she kicked the creatures face causing it to yelp her sudden freedom caused her to throw herself to her feet and attempt to get to the half orc…. But the creature snarled lunging at her once more digging its claws into her ankle.

“let her go” Nereida stood her eyes white and her voice was different, commanding however the creature was not alone and a third one pounced on her causing them to roll away.

The creature tightened its grip on the ankle of Ravana, and she screamed in pain unable to free herself from it claws causing more damage. It pulled her closer, and for the first time Ravana was able to see the snarling grey matted fur, the sharp teeth shining behind the putrid smell of rotten meat as the creature’s saliva dripped from it chin. She swung her arm her fist connecting with its muzzle, it yelped but grabbed her arm pulling her in. The dwarf helpless closed her eyes tears running down her face, she cried out for help and tried to pull away but it was no use this was the end… the air grew colder, the creature paused its hot breathe now visible, it growled and digging its claws into the dwarves shoulder she closed her eyes…. The creature yelped and its grip loosened on Ravana, she pulled away looking at the creature held in place by a translucent shimmering hand.

“that ought to hold, ya daft mutt”

Ravana turned wincing in pain to see a halfling coming towards her, shock across her face as he stooped next to her

“are you alright lass?”

“who are you?”

“not the time… can you walk?”

Behind the halfling another creature growled, they both turned worried looks on their faces, as a freezing wind howled past and from the cold mist jumped a being covered in white scales swinging his sword into the creatures neck sending its head rolling down the hill, his great head swung round as he called over his shoulder…

“help the half elf …. I’ve got the orc”

A whistle of arrows flew past Ravana’s ears towards Nereida who was holding the creature and was causing slight damage, an arrow landed in the creatures shoulder it turned growling as a female jumped from the rocks driving a dagger into its shoulder. The creature howled in pain and hitting her off, Nereida joined the fight working together they delivered blow after blow.

The white dragonborn ran toward the half orc Galurak, the creature noticed him and ran calling for the others to retreat, with a flash of light the hand was broken, and the creatures ran back to bridge over the river.

“The river can make you strong, go to it” said the voice inside Nereida’s head.

The half elf staggered into the river, arrows once again sailing through the air towards the creatures as they began to cross the bridge. They faltered the water had risen shaking the bridge.

“not so fast beasts” Nereida raised her hand, as she did a wave rose and headed towards the bridge with speed. The shaking bridge had kept the creatures from crossing, as the wave neared the bridge a great form rose from the water in the shape of a bearded man. Its great hands slid under it breaking the stilts it was laid upon and lifted the bridge looking at the cowering creatures and with a smile he ate them, the form disappeared back into the river and it became still again. Nereida waded from the water, from her side Ravana heard the strangers voice.

“that’s my kind of woman…” as he watched Nereida in awe she fell to her knees seaweed spewing from her mouth, his face screwed up “well…. The stranger the better I say… now missy lets see if we can get you on your feet.”

“who are you?”

“LORCAN…. Are you alright?” cried the dragonborn

“I’m him lass Lorcan…. yeah Targa I’m just fantastic but the girl is pretty hurt”

“Nadora…. Aidene are you alright?” called the dragonborn towards two female figures now helping Nereida up.

“sure… just helping this one up” said Nadora

The dragonborn looked down at the half orc his great face warm “can you walk my friend”

“sure… well maybe”

“I’m Targa by the way” said the dragonborn holding out his giant clawed hand.

“Galurak” he replied wincing as he got to his feet…. “where did you come from?”

“all in good time, right now we need to find somewhere safe, three werewolves are a small number”

“werewolves? oh, gods will we become one?”

“easy I think you were merely lunch for them”

The two great figures slowly headed towards the dwarf and halfling who was tending to her wounds

“fine mess of an ankle you’ve got here, but nothing we can get fixed up for ya”

The halfling fixed his hair as he noticed Nereida headed towards them, he became frustrated with the top which has a few strands refusing to stay down, he blushed, and his words fumbled.

“alright…. She’s alright I mean…. Erm nice to meet you I’m Lorcan…. just helping that’s all amazing thing you did there…. erm you alright now?”

“oh, my Nadora have you ever seen such a thing?” said Aidene

“what’s that?” said Nadora

“a bard lost for words” replied Aidene

“oh, shut up you too or you can sleep here tonight”

“we are only teasing” they both responded

Galurak ran towards the dwarf, he too was covered in blood, but he embraced the dwarf “Ravana… I’m… I’m sorry I just couldn’t”

“now don’t you go worrying your think head about it” she replied.

“well that is just a weird sight aint it” said Lorcan

“you get used to it eventually” replied Nereida

The halfling jumped at her voice, his cheeks turning red with embarrassment as the dragonborn stepped forward.

“my name is Targa, this is Lorcan and those two are Nadora and Aidene… we don’t have much time but if you like we can offer you shelter…”

“hey big guy… I believe it is my house and only I can invite people” Lorcan’s eyes met Nereida’s “would you like to stay with me tonight….” He turned pink and panic set in as his words fumbled “erm all of you, I offer you a meal and shelter…. maybe some medical aid… oh shut up you two”

Nadora and Aidene were now giggling at the halfling.

It was Galurak who answered “I think it best at least for tonight and we thank you Lorcan…. My name is Galurak, this is my girlfriend Ravana and that is Nereida.

The half elf was spitting as she waved “hi… stupid saltwater”

Nadora looked confused…. “saltwater…. that is a freshwater stream though”

“hey, I never asked for this any of it”

“right let’s go shall we… you their big fella erm Galurak mind carrying your lady and let’s go” said Lorcan

Galurak was unable to lift the dwarf and so Targa did it closely followed by the half orc, the lumbered after the halfling to the edge of the woods just to where the bridge had been. Lorcan raised his hands “eldamo”

“isn’t that gnomish?” said Nereida

“It’s all I know I’m afraid” Lorcan smiled before disappearing through the doorway of light closely followed by Targa and the rest of the group.


Sometime i will write things that surround my own mental health and the creative funny way i make it through a day. Other times i might write fantasy related things it really depends on what comes to me first and on occasion I may throw in a sketch for visual effect. Don't be afraid dear readers i promise to keep you safe and have you home by midnight (ish)

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