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Visions and plans

Lorcan sat in the moonlight tending to Nereida, he hummed a light tune as he did. The half elf lost her strength upon entering the house and passed out, since then the halfling had not left her side tending to her wounds and speaking words of healing but nothing had worked.

The rest of the group sat at the kitchen table a dispute had begun, the dragonborn Targa released cold air into the room making them stop arguing.

“I think that we can all agree that the king must be stopped, but the means of doing so are unclear” his voice was calm but commanding.

“well…. What would you suggest, my people live in the mountains and would be willing to help” said Galurak

“would they really…. your people are you sure of that?” said Nadora

“yes, they would”

“if I remember the stories half orcs are outcasts so really do you even have people?” asked Aidene

“HEY, what would you know huh Galurak has people and if he could just explain they would help” shouted Ravana

“enough… all of you, regardless of the aid we may receive marching to the castle and kicking down the door doesn’t seem the right course” said Targa

“we know how to sneak into the castle as we have told you before” said Nadora

“Ah, spies in the camp eh” said Ravana

“Please, we hate the king just as much as you lot” said Aidene


“there is another way….” The weak voice of Nereida travelled around the room

“I tried to keep her in bed…. erm I mean stop her coming in here”

The twins sniggered at the halfling faltering over his words as he scowled at them.

Targa shook his great head standing and gesturing for her to have a seat “please explain”

“there is a witch of old who may have the answers we seek; she lives in the mountains to the North”

“witches…. That is what we have come to” said Ravana

“the king has magic we don’t know, so we need magic of equal measure” continued Nereida

“how do you know about this witch?” asked Galurak

“I…. I had a vision”

“a vision? When? How?” Ravana was concerned

“I can’t really explain it, but there is a power within me I never asked for and now I get these stupid visions”

“then how do we know we can trust you, for all we know you are leading us to our deaths” said Aidene.

“then perhaps we should separate” replied Targa

“Targa, you can’t be serious” Nadora looked confused

“the girl is right we need an old magic and what is the harm in trying it”

“death… death is the harm”

“I do not fear death little one”

“hate to interrupt, but this little humble abode of mine disappears in a few hours and we need a plan and rest before then” interrupted Lorcan

“well can it travel to the North” asked Ravana, her words caused Nereida to smile

“come on now lass… it aint a magic carpet you know……. Although maybe…. nah”


“well… I could maybe make us fly…. Or is it float?”

“Lorcan what do you mean”

“clouds, I could turn us to clouds and we could float there, Oooo Targa you would be a little snow cloud” the halfling grinned but dropped his gaze quickly “which is not important at all”

The dragon born smiled “well it would be something”

“well how long will that take?”

“a few hours for the spell to work if I start now and let’s say a day to float North… id say pack wisely when we get there, I will need my rest so no nice housey house”

Suddenly a great banging could be heard echoing from the front door, shaking the foundations.

“it would appear we have visitors”

Just then a spirit appeared in front of Lorcan “sire a large group at the door wishing to enter”

“show me please”

An image appeared in the spirits stomach, showing a group of six werewolves banging at the door.

“ah yes, unwelcome guests see to it that they leave will you”

The spirits eyes turned crimson and the light within it grew to a dark grey “as you wish my master” he let out a wail and disappeared, from the sounds in the hall he was not alone.

“now then to bed with you all”

“and we are not going to talk about what just happened?” asked Nadora

“we can but that will make this longer and by the time the house disappears I would like to be a cloud and float away you know just in case the puppies are still outside”

One by one the group left the halfling some muttering in disapproval of the plan to Targa, until only Nereida was left Lorcan was startled when he noticed her.

“hmm… well…erm hello”

Her face was a little sad “Lorcan, why do the twins make fun of you sometimes when you speak to me?”

“oh well… you see…. I’m a bard and to lose my words is kind of funny I suppose”

“does it happen often?”

“no… no its rather new for me, I could talk the legs off a donkey most days”

“then why?” Nereida stifled a laugh

“well it’s like this I ……. Erm well that is to say…. ah heck I like you” the halfling shuffled his feet daring not to look at her.

Nereida walked over kissing the halfling on the forehead “I like you to, now to work and if you don’t mind, I would like to sit with you”

The halflings face was pink and he could only nod, causing Nereida to giggle.


Sometime i will write things that surround my own mental health and the creative funny way i make it through a day. Other times i might write fantasy related things it really depends on what comes to me first and on occasion I may throw in a sketch for visual effect. Don't be afraid dear readers i promise to keep you safe and have you home by midnight (ish)