Diaries of home schooling

Here is where I plan to document the fun of juggling working from home and home schooling my kids during what can only be described as a strange and scary time the world over feel free to comment and if you have any suggestions im happy to share them. Stay safe and come join my family on the adventure into the long forgotten world of school.

Week one

Life has changed here I am at home with my work laptop and it’s weird to say the least but now here they are. Two kids who have spent weeks talking about a virus they didn’t fully understand and getting excited about the school will be closing and they have been given special packs for when it happens, at the age of 9 and 6 I don’t think they fully understand what is happening but let’s go we can do this….. together.The Sunday before it happened was like any other where I feel like Nana from Peter Pan trying to get the kids in a bath and to bed early, but tonight was a little easier they were excited for school….. but this was mum’s school as my daughter put it. We sat down and planned the following days activities, talked about things we wanted to learn…. such as French (looks like I could be going back to school too) and myths and legends, cooking and a bunch of other stuff. Excellent they are rising to the challenge and I’m full of optimism for Monday morning, with my white board time table neatly written (who doesn’t like a whiteboard)

Good morning guys how are we today? Im good….. well im excited because here is how we will start every day together. A check in…. yip for 10 minutes in the morning lets have a chat and see how we are feeling today, lets meditate and prepare ourselves for our day as a family.

dear readers I wish I could say that this is a blissful experience but my son aged 9 laughs and my daughter aged 6… well she is a fidget despite being into meditation but we try and that is what it is about really trying. I’d love to say we stuck to the activities that the school gave us but for the first couple of days well we winged it with lessons of mental maths, multiplication and making rainbows.

The rainbows were something I had seen on Facebook where kids in the community were making rainbows for their windows in a bit to cheer us grown ups a little it works I must say. By day three we ventured onto the online resource provided by the school and boy am I glad we did talk about a life saver, not only can the kids talk to the teacher through email but also their classmates (smiles all round) By Friday we had completed the tasks set out by the teacher and created some epic Lego creations such as a rescue boat, rocket ship, dream bedrooms and towers, in keeping with school activities it was treat day. what was it you may ask…. well we are currently going through the age of dinosaurs and so it was fossil digging kits fun times

If I have learned anything from week one is that no amount of planning could have prepared me for what challenges I would go through and just how difficult home schooling while working from home could be but we made it as a family and we are ready to go again. I hope you enjoy the pictures I have certainly enjoyed the time creating these moments.

keep safe everyone, keep going and remember after a storm comes a rainbow