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Hello dear readers I apologise for my lack of content recently life has a weird way of just consuming you. So I have made the choice to put Targa and the gang on hold for now (I know im sorry) I don’t have the time to keep going, however after weeks of thinking I have decided that due to writers block it is time to begin an edit on something I’ve been working on for over 10 years and I’ve become rather attached to the characters and I hope you will too, now while I wont share the whole story with you all (let’s be honest I want you all to buy it when I take the leap to publish it) but I want to share it with you in the hopes that it sparks some fire for writing again. So keep your eyes on the page because it will be up soon.

Please feel free to feed back and comment.


Sometime i will write things that surround my own mental health and the creative funny way i make it through a day. Other times i might write fantasy related things it really depends on what comes to me first and on occasion I may throw in a sketch for visual effect. Don't be afraid dear readers i promise to keep you safe and have you home by midnight (ish)

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