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A tale with no title

As promised I have began to edit a tale I’ve been working on for some time now, too long perhaps and while I wont be sharing the whole tale with you all here is the first taster from it I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

The gentle, crystal resonant sound of the harp music filled the air mixed with a female’s song bouncing off the trees. Laughter mixed in the air with the smell of cooked meat. The suns warm rays filled the crystals causing colours to cascade across the forest floor, this was the city of Alanadell. A city hidden at the top of a hill by the thick trees and impossible to find and under its ground lay tunnels left centuries before. This peaceful community was led by Lord Aymon a tall elven male with eyes the colour of the sea, his skin almost translucent and long golden hair surrounded a kind yet at times stern face. At his side was Lady Eroan, her eyes the colour of sapphires filled with wisdom, and her kind smiling face the colour of pearls were surrounded by braided golden hair. They had ruled the lands of Alanadell for centuries in peace until the King had threatened to take that from them and the war began, they called for aid and it was received.

Today the Lord and Lady would repay their debt to Lord Thalgal Greyheart a dwarven lord from the North where the King had taken the land and mines and slain many, but still they came to help fending of the king’s army. Lord Thalgal was given the mountain under the elven city as thanks for their aid and together a new city would be created in secret. The tempers and differences where already beginning to show with Lord Aymon attempting to keep to elven traditions and Thalgal wishing for a great party and feast having no patience for the silliness of elves. The dwarf walked through the city slowly due his injuries, his mind wandering below the ground to the wonders beneath. As he walked, he thought how strange the land was where the children rarely survived past infancy and if it did, they were special when compared to the dwarven halls which were full of children playing there laughter ringing out into the darkness of the caverns of the deep. As the dwarf came into a clearing a single tree caught his eye its roots dancing in time with the music and under its branches there was a young woman with golden hair and pale skin, singing with a bird crimson in colour. The girl waved at Thalgal and he knew in an instant that it was Ayona, the daughter of Lord Aymon and Eroan, he had grown fond of her and the eagerness she had to learn about the dwarves and their customs.

“Ayona, what are you doing out here alone, shouldn’t you be helping your people get ready for tonight”

“and miss out on our chats my Lord I think not”

As the dwarf laughed suddenly there was a flash of fire, Thalgal grabbed his axe from his side and took a fighting stance his eyes wide and frantic as Ayona giggles rang loudly in his ears. Thalgal was cautious after his time fighting and scowled at the elf for her laughter, she took his arm and guided him over to find a small pile of ash laying on the ground, Ayona blew on the ash revealing a small beaked creature which she scooped up to show to the dwarf.

“A phoenix?” Thalgal asked.

“yes, my Lord, we have had many adventures the bird and I”

For hours the two talked of the customs of their people, Thalgal told stories of goat and bear riding warriors while Ayona spoke of healing and nature. Time moved slowly here and while the war had raged for many years Ayona had stayed young and witnessed none of it living peacefully with her people. As Ayona looked down to the axe at the dwarf’s side he smiled

“ever tried one of these?”


“well lass there is always a first time, here” Thalgal held out the axe

Ayona took it her arms dropping from the weight of it, the dwarf stifled a laugh this only caused her to become frustrated. With all her might she pulled at the axe lifting it off the ground and with one swing found it lodged in the tree. The dwarf spent some time trying to remove it not because of the strength of the swing but from his own laughter, it eventually dislodged and Ayona began using her magic to heal the tree.

“wait a minute…… I’ve seen that before the king uses it and I know what it can do to people” the dwarves face was turning red with anger.

“please my Lord Thalgal…. I would…. my people would never use it like that, the king whoever he is well he is not one of my people and we would never hurt anyone.” Ayona pleaded.

“forgive an old warrior lass, I’ve only ever seen the bad side of it all”

Ayona smiled and placed her hand on his shoulder, she was much taller than the dwarf, but she had grown fond of him. At that moment Lord Aymon came into the clearing.

“there you are, come we have a feast to attend my dear friend”

Ayona hugged her father then turned to the dwarf placing the phoenix on his shoulder with a smile.

“her name is Flono, and if you ever need help just call for her”

“well lass all I need now is an eye patch and a ship and we are sorted” said the dwarf

“It may take some time Thalgal, but we can arrange a ship for you and as for the eye patch I’m sure if you explain it could be acquired as well” replied Lord Aymon.

A thunderous laugh burst from the dwarf’s mouth “you elves really crack me up you know that”

The elves looked at each other in confusion, while Thalgal who had never really looked at the beauty of Alanadell each house was crafted into the trees and the jewelled canopy made the lights brighter and a warm white glow grew through the trees. The city was illuminated with a sense of calm and peace with the sound of animals and water filling the air.  As the light of the mid-day sun began to fade the group joined the table where dwarves and elves were sharing stories and laughing, a sight unheard of in the history of the world and so the new story of the elves and dwarves was beginning. As the merriment grew into the night Flono found her way onto Ayona shoulder and shaking nuzzled into the elf, as she turned to comfort the small bird a chill filled the air and the smell of smoke filled her nostrils. In the distance of the crowd came a scream and panic soon followed as Ayona gazed up a shadow fell over Alanadell.

To be continued……….

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Page update

Hi everyone

just to let you guy know I have created a page on here called the diaries of home schooling, yip I know obvious what that is about but I thought it would be fun to share our journey through the scary adventure of the unknown world of home schooling so enjoy if you wish.

Stay safe everyone.

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Hello dear readers I apologise for my lack of content recently life has a weird way of just consuming you. So I have made the choice to put Targa and the gang on hold for now (I know im sorry) I don’t have the time to keep going, however after weeks of thinking I have decided that due to writers block it is time to begin an edit on something I’ve been working on for over 10 years and I’ve become rather attached to the characters and I hope you will too, now while I wont share the whole story with you all (let’s be honest I want you all to buy it when I take the leap to publish it) but I want to share it with you in the hopes that it sparks some fire for writing again. So keep your eyes on the page because it will be up soon.

Please feel free to feed back and comment.

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After the dawn

It came as a whispering in the air at first, the cold air blew towards the forest, the spider queen ordered her slaves to work through the pain and mend the hollow. They felt it then, that cold air filled with grief and anger the queen hide with in the funnel web as day by day the frost took hold of her webbed kingdom and slowly her children came to her feet crying for shelter.

The dragonborn watched Nadora sharpening her knives, it had only been a few hours since she last screamed at him after he had asked if there was anything he could do to help her feel better and dared not to ask again but he would not leave her. In the hours that passed an anger began to take over him, he meditated but he couldn’t switch off, like an internal fire it burned seething to the surface and slowly he lost control. It was subtle at first the air around him grew colder as he fell deeper into a trance the cold air spread causing Nadora to look around, she got up worry crossing her face she walked over, Targa felt her presence and a smile raised in the corner of his mouth but he did not open his eyes. Nadora sat beside him looking out towards the woods her heart broken, through the cold she reached up to her cheek finding a tear frozen there.

“they don’t deserve to live after what they did” she said

“and they won’t” Targa slowly got to his feet as a blue flame covered his arm “get inside”

“no, you can’t go alone”

“don’t worry and don’t argue with me get inside”

“Targa…” the dragonborn turned his once blue eyes now white as snow and filled with malice,

“no one must leave that house until my return” he said

“be careful” Nadora retreated to the house as she slowly closed the door she watched as Targa disappeared into the trees.

The darkness retreated from the soft blue glow from the dragonborn hands, the spiders had retreated deeper into the forest sensing the anger that had entered the forest. Targa reached out his hand touching the webbing causing it to freeze spreading rapidly. He had witnessed and admired may spiderwebs in a thick frost in the years of hunting, but those feelings were not here now. As the frost took a life of its own Targa continued walking inwards. Until in front of him stood a mighty wall of black, only it was moving, and thick hairs moved around, he had found the spider queens burrow.

“COWARDS, I should have known that you all would be hiding, and where is she”

The swarm burst forward and the spider queen came scuttling out of the burrow, venom dripping from her fangs and her face full of fury.  She ran straight at him, using her long front legs to knock him to the ground and there she held him.

“how dare you? May I remind you that you came here into my woods and that girl insulted me and now you come back to do the same”

“We came in peace you and your so-called children attacked us”

“my children are hungry, and that girl would betray you before the end so really I did you a favour”

“you don’t know that”

“it has been written since before you were born”

“what was written?”

“that before the king’s death there will be a mighty betrayal from one who knows the king so well”

“That could be anyone you had no right to do what you did”

“I had every right to kill her…”

Targa had pulled his blade and sent it plunging into the queen’s abdomen, she screamed in pain as the dragonborn spoke

“she isn’t dead” pushing his arm up and the blade deeper she was gone.

The horde of spiders had regrouped and were headed straight for Targa, as the rage began to build the blue flame streaked down his arm as he pleaded with them to stop, but it was unheard, and they advanced. Unable to contain the rage it burst from him in a bright white light causing him to blackout.

When Nadora and Lorcan opened the door again the woodland was gone and, in the distance, they could see Targa laying motionless in its wreckage, they called for the others and took off running.

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The power of dreams

Now dear readers don’t go thinking that I am talking about those wonderful images that dance through your mind while you sleep where you don’t want to wake in the morning or those ones that terrify us so much that all we want to is wake ourselves up. No what I am talking about is those dreams that we have for ourselves, those hopes and aspirations…. Those dear readers are the most powerful of all.

It has become a bit of a bee in my bonnet lately, words are the most powerful tool we have. Seriously think about it for a minute…. You can literally say something, and it can make someone’s day or ruin it, words stick to us for a long time and they can manifest in a person’s mind long after they are said and with the power to do the most damage.  It seems that it is more likely that we will say what we think with little thought for how it might affect someone and why are we putting pressure on people to live or do things a certain way? Why do we poke fun and make people the butt of our jokes? Am I being too selfish with my dream? Am I being unrealistic in what I had hoped for?

Here is the thing I believe in the power of the dream, it is what drives us, empowers us and well just fills us with hope…. So maybe it is a little selfish but that is ok and hey other people are entitled to their opinions, but they should learn to keep it to themselves. Would I have made it this far without those dream… probably not.

Growing up for as long as I can remember was I dreamed of was moving to some far off land, being a wife and having kids, I also remember being laughed at in school for those hopes and dreams because well “its not a real job” (try telling that to any parent on the planet) As I got older my dreams didn’t change but expanded I wanted to help people and here we are today. I still have those -Lets call them hopes not dreams- only now I see things a little different I will help people through my business, and I have the absolute pleasure of being a mum to the kindest, thoughtful and just awesome kids ever. My son is set to be a football star with writing skills that will far surpass my own and a daughter who is nothing like I dreamed because she is far superior to that, seriously she makes me beam with pride. I still dream of the fairy tale ending after all these years but now it gets to with my best friend, my biggest supporter and side kick, and while it might be a big expense to some people followed by a party to me it will be a complete expression of love for that person and a celebration for what we built together… and I sit at my laptop with tears of absolute joy in my eyes at the very thought of that hope and I challenge anyone to tell me any different because who are they to tell me not to live for that dream or to change it to fit their needs and expectations.

I guess what I am trying to encourage you to think about is this… life is too short and fragile to care what other people believe our only true limit is ourselves, if there is something out in the world that you want then you reach for it, no matter how long it takes keep reaching, wake up each day with the thought of today I fight back and the universe is sure to open those doors for you. Go on try it I believe in you.

I don’t know what is in the future, but I can’t wait for it.

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The inner voice

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Have you ever thought about doing something, I don’t mean an everyday things no I mean those things that are hard enough that there is a strong possibility you would stay in you pyjamas in bed instead, but you go through with it because you know it will be beneficial in the long run. That my dear readers is the inner voice or gut instinct and we should all be paying more attention to it, as I am a geek let’s call this Yoda, however there is a dark and nasty side to the inner voice who we will refer to as a gremlin who’s been fed after midnight.

You see everyone will have a Yoda, but for some people someone in their head has left the fridge door open and unleashed the gremlins. They take the slightest smallest doubt and expand it… dress it in fruit…. put some red lipstick on and sing New York. Yes, I know I watch too many movies, but it fits.

When I think of this time last year, I had no fridge just gremlins in full swing of musical numbers every hour of every day – I know exhausting – it got to the point where getting out of bed was getting harder by the day. In full swing the gremlins are easier to listen to than Yoda, shut yourself off from the world and forget who you are and just in case you have forgotten:  you are strong, caring, loving, determined, compassionate, and a fighter. Here is the thing while those little horrors can take over every thought in your amazing head, give that good side (Yoda) a little nod and boom your whole thought process can change you need only a little spark to set that star shooting through your thoughts.

I have said in a previous blog about speaking to my negative thoughts in order to stop them from manifesting, well I couple that with some Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or tapping. Alright I’m getting there, so it is also known as the psychological acupressure and works by unblocking your energy system – I know it’s cool. The treatment involves using your fingertips rather than needles to tap on the energy meridian points, I have found it quick and effective for anxiety and stopping the gremlins from taking over, I highly recommend looking it up.

Here is an example so the other day I didn’t get the reaction I was looking for, I felt like someone had punched me in the gut and my mind started to race tears building in my eyes. Then someone special reminded me who I was and gave me a cuddle, it was enough to stop the tears and light the spark. I sat in the other room gremlins banging at the door and I started tapping within a short space of time boom there it was my next plan, you see I already knew what my next step should be I just had to unlock it or clear the path.

Your powerful mind can too remember you are braver than you think and today could be the day you fight back, if you wish it. I have no idea what today holds but I do know I will give it 100% because I have been in the dark with gremlins for far too long.

Wishing you all a great Monday from Scotland 😊

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I need your help…..

Good morning blog fans

I know it’s been such a long time frankly I’m a little disappointed in myself for that (sorry for the self negative talk) so here is the thing I have been a little distracted trying to start a business 😮. I know I’ve got all the emotions….

So in November I took a life coaching course which was amazing and really opened my eyes but I decided to wait until the new year and well here we are planning and organising everything to get stuck into a world of helping people.

So how can you help? I here you ask….

Alright let me get to it, so I’ve been doing some research and sadly what I discovered is that in my local area there is little support for mental health. Something I am looking to change, along side my business I would like to give back to my community and provide a sort of support group, hopefully offering ways to improve mental health or ways to support someone with mental health. Where I need help is if you were looking to attend something like that what would draw you to it?

What could I maybe put in place that would make you think you know what I’m going to go tonight?

The aim is to get people talking about mental health and support each other or find the support they need.

I know you guys are from all over the world but that’s the beauty of this platform it’s a chance to embrace another culture 😊. Also you dont need to have bad mental health to come along.

Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated and as always thanks for the support 😊

Speak soon Aileyb

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New year

Well my wonderful reader I can only apologise for my lack of content it has been a busy few weeks and I have a feeling this year is going to be even busier.

I just cant let this year end without saying a huge happy new year and decade 😊 this has been a hard year but I’ve made it and so have you.

Now I just need to time manage and make this more of a thing but I’m not going to do the whole new year new me thing because i kinda like me as i am so I’m just going to breathe and welcome whatever joy comes my way i just hope some you join me along the way and thank you for being part of this amazing journey.

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I am sorry dear readers this weekend has been one of growth where I completed my life coach practitioners course and I’ve had no time to write anything but I have this new feeling of excitement for what’s to come next. So while I’m sorry for not delivering this week I’m not sorry for making time to grow and develop into this amazing adventure 😁

I can do anything

Also happy December 🎄❄🎅🤶☃️

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Moving on from A

I recently gathered my friends together for a night of fun and laughter, terrifying as it might have been, but I missed them all. It was during this time I got speaking to one of my friends who had no idea what was going on because like a lot of people I just didn’t speak about it, we got to speaking about how it affects so many people and you would never know. Then we started talking about anxiety…. Something that everyone goes through daily but for some people it can have devastating effects, and there is a lack of understanding of it with people wanting to push someone into things or telling them to just get on with it making anyone with anxiety feel worse and unimportant. So today’s blog is about a day with some help I stepped out of my comfort zone and shows the internal dialogue that can stop me going out with friends, cause me to be snippy and argumentative and even stop me from progressing but dear readers it is not the end I have researched and tried many methods and so long as no one pushes me I find my own way of getting there. There is a light at the end of the dark and twisty tunnel but I will get there one day.

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The sun was warm, but I couldn’t feel it, the stupid ringing of the alarm shocked my mind into consciousness after being asleep for only a few hours earlier. I’ve been awake for a few hours and already mind has thought of over a million things for the day. What if I just pull the cover me again and just ignore the next alarm why do I need to prove anything to myself I don’t.

Ahhhh enough please…. breathe

Right on que the alarm, ok lets do this, you booked it for a reason and you paid for it to make sure you went… so get yourself up and have breakfast, get everyone out the door and then you stroll down and get the train. Simple right….

The steam rises from the cup as a million thoughts skip through my head, some narrowly missing each other while others have a head on collision spiralling out of control…. I’m going to be late.

I quicken my pace, but I should be running, the kids play joyously as they wait on the bus to school, I’m never going to make the train but at least I tried…. A gathering of unhappy commuters tells me the train is late and my heart sinks a little.


Think of all times you have been through this when meeting with your friends it always works out in the end so just take it all in. you know I think my brain actually tried to stop me leaving the house like it literally thought of every reason not to but you have and look at that view this morning, look at the dogs playing on the beach it was worth it.

But you won’t know anyone here, they will judge you, your opinion doesn’t matter, and it never does…


Why are you doing this just go home

Breathe…… STOP

“hey, thought what will you do for me today?”

Silence blissful silence, my feet start walking again the warm sun breaks through the cold autumn air, its early and there is no one around. The air smells of saltwater and the annoying noise of seagulls fills the air…. No, they are not going to swoop down and peck your eyes out… quite sure but speed up a little just in case.

 There it is… the place I’m meant to be

There is no one here, you came you tried, and you can go home now

“Hi, are you here for the mental health mind thing?”
Darn it shhhh you “yes I am”

I smile a small victory over my mind too bad anxiety your out of luck…. But oh, gods your about to walk into a room of strangers

Hahaha you should have listened, its not too late to walk out you know…. no, wait what are you doing don’t you open that door.

“Hi how are you”

Ok just need to keep this momentum going, you’re here, safe and this is going to be worth it. Ahh but remember what that person said you can’t help anyone if you have mental health problems yourself.

“seriously, what are you going to do for me today? Nothing that’s what I thought now I am here to challenge myself, empower myself, learn and well just all round enjoy myself so if you don’t mind just sshhhh”

Face palm…. Introduction time great I have nothing, you’re not as inspiring as these other people.

STOP…. BREATHE…. you haven’t done anything inspiring yet remember the power of yet, think of all the reasons you want this knowledge, remember that the reason you are doing this is because every day you conquer the fight that goes on and you CAN help other people do it too.

Well dear readers I won’t bore you anymore but after two days I completed a mental health first aid course and got my certificate GO ME. The biggest part for me was that it was something I accomplished for myself and no one pushed me into it (which heightens those feelings). I took myself out of my comfort zone and came out a little stronger for it, I am now ready for the next challenge.